NootSponge Lore

Hello, I’m NootSponge but you can call me Ren. I’m a fluffy purple dragon on the internet. I’m a college student working torwards a Bachelors degree in Computer Science with a minor in Communication Management.

I like to play video games

But, I’m not very good at them. You’ll find that I enjoy playing solo story games or social games like Neos. Here’s a non-exhaustive list of my favorite games in no specific order.

You’ll notice that I have a fondness for story-rich games and particularly ones that involve space or sci-fi (SOMA, Event[0], Starbound, Prey). Please feel free to hit me up if you have any suggestions! My DMs are always open as long as you aren’t a bot! ;3

Software Engineer? You must be a nerd

Correct. <3

I brand myself as a “Software Engineer” but really that’s my dream job. I like playing with different web technologies and experimenting with different languages. Most recently I’ve been playing with Ruby (on Rails) and Astro (I’m writing this in Astro right now!!).

I also have a mission to containerize everything or utilize free services like Cloudflare Pages (a free Jamstack platform). Ever since being introduced to Docker I’ve built most all of my applications in images to be run on the OCI platform (Docker, Podman, k8s). I’m absolutely in love with the OCI and Kubernetes, although messing with k8s is a bit difficult as a non-megacorporation.

Similarly with games, if you think I might be interested in a technology please feel free to hmu! I wouldn’t have found out about Astro if it weren’t for a friend of mine telling me about it!

Ew, you’re a furry

Mhm. :3

I’m a weird tech-interested furry whose home is the internet. If you wanna know more about my sona then you can check out this entire page on it here. But otherwise, yes I’m a furry if you didn’t know and I’m sorry if it’s a shock but I have been for many many years in the closet. But I finally decided that I’m tired of hiding it, I’m still the same Andrew/NootSponge/Ren that you knew before, I just openly associate myself with a group of furry characters, what’s so bad about that?